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     Protecting Rights of Students, Teachers and Parents
About Education Rights

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If you have any questions regarding Education Rights, DCFS, Juvenile Defense or Criminal Defense, please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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    Steven Glink, Attorney-At-Law

    For over 25 years, Attorney Steven Glink has worked to protect the rights of students, parents and teachers by providing legal counsel in the areas of:
    School Law,
    Teacher Rights,
    DCFS Defense,
    Juvenile Defense
    Criminal Defense.

    Special Education Rights

    Steven has experience in the field of SPECIAL EDUCATION RIGHTS. At times, the process of determining if a child has special educational needs may become confusing and intimidating. If you believe you and your child are being wronged in any way, or if you are uncomfortable with the process in general, it is wise to seek legal counsel

    Juvenile and Criminal Defense

    Steven will aggressively defend you or your loved one against any CRIMINAL CHARGE. He has over 25 years of experience in criminal/juvenile law, having handled almost every type of criminal charge. Steven has tried hundreds of cases and has represented clients in over 26 different counties all over Illinois.

    Favorable Pleas Agreement

    Steven is also a skilled negotiator and can help you obtain a very favorable plea agreement if that is what you desire. Steven understands the importance of client communication and is never too busy to speak with you about your case.
    In all cases, Steven will fight very hard for you to ensure that you receive all of the benefits of the law to which you are entitled.

    If you need an effective Attorney, please contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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