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Teacher and School Board

Teacher and School Board

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  • Teacher and School Board
    School Board Policies.

    Another source of teacher rights comes from school board policies and employees handbooks. If a school board establishes official policies, it is bound by these policies. If the employer does not have a collective bargaining agreement with the employee representative, official policies may be a substitute source of employee rights. If a collective bargaining agreement exists, it may serve as a supplement to those rights.

    School Employee Handbook.

    An employee handbook may also be a source of teacher rights. In order to create enforceable rights, the language of the handbook must contain a promise clear enough that an employee would reasonably believe that an offer had been made. Second, the statement must be disseminated to the employee is aware of its contents and believes it to be an offer. This means that the handbook must actually be distributed. Finally, the employee must accept the offer by beginning or continuing to work after he or she becomes aware of the handbook provision. If these conditions are met, the handbook becomes a contract binding on the employer.

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