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Teacher Appeal

Teacher Appeal

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  • Teacher Appeal
    DCFS Indicated Report.

    A DCFS report becomes indicated when there is some credible evidence that a child has experienced abuse or maltreatment. A person named as the subject of an indicated report has the right to request the Department to amend, expunge information from, or remove the report from the Central Registry by filing a request with the Department within 60 days of notification of the indicated report. Upon filing of such a request, the Department will conduct a review of the file and make a decision whether to grant the request. If the request is denied, the subject of the report can then request a hearing with the Department.

    Teacher Hearing.

    A lawyer can represent a teacher in an appeal case. Within 20 days of filing an appeal, the teacher is supposed to receive a copy of the DCFS file. At the hearing, DCFS has the burden of proving the accuracy and consistency of the report. The neutral administration law judge who conducts the hearing is a DCFS employee. Decisions of the Department following a hearing are subject to review by the courts. However, no new evidence will be taken in court, and a court may only reverse a decision of the Department if factual findings are against the manifest weight of the evidence or if there are procedural errors.

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