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Individuals who are responsible for criminal activity are not the only individuals who may face criminal charges. Any individual who is involved in any aspect or part of a crime may face criminal charges. Participatory offenses occur when an individual is associated with some aspect of a criminal endeavor. He or she may not have necessarily taken part in the carrying out of criminal activities, but he or she may have offered assistance to the criminal in some way. Aiding and abetting are two examples of participatory offenses. An individual may also face criminal charges for taking part in creating a conspiracy, or for attempting to carry out a criminal plot. Participatory offenses are very serious crimes and may result in severe punishment. Many people who are taking part in participatory offenses do not understand the consequences of their actions and they do not understand the extent of the criminal charges that they may face.

As noted, individuals who are taking part in participatory offenses are often responsible for aiding and abetting a crime. Any individual who assists in creating or carrying out a criminal endeavor may face criminal charges. He or she does not have to be the main actor in the venture.

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