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Juveniles may be referred to the juvenile court for law violations or behavior that is unlawful. The following are some types of behavior that can subject a juvenile to court action:

> Breaking into or forcibly entering a residence or place of business
> Buying, using or selling illicit drugs
> Carrying a dangerous weapon
> Deliberately damaging or destroying another's property
> Deliberately disobeying parents
> Drag racing
> Driving a car without a license or permit
> Driving too fast or recklessly
> Gambling for money
> Having a fist fight
> Having homosexual relations
> Having sexual relations with a person of the opposite sex
> Making anonymous phone calls
> Purchasing or drinking alcoholic beverages
> Participating in a gang fight
> Running away from home
> Setting fire to buildings or other property
> Setting off a false fire alarm
> Skipping school
> Staying out past curfew
> Taking any item from a store without paying for it
> Taking or riding in a person's car without permission
> Trespassing
> Using or accepting something that another has taken without permission
> Using threat of force to get something from someone else

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