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There are several Illinois laws which directly impact the provision of child welfare services to abused, neglected or dependent children and their families. From the Illinois Compiled Statutes:

>The Children and Family Services Act which specifies the general duties and responsibilities of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS or the Department);
>The Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (ANCRA) which establishes the duties and responsibilities of the Department to receive, investigate, and respond to reports of suspected child abuse or neglect;
>The Juvenile Court Act which establishes the authority of the Juvenile Court to intervene with children and their families;
>The Adoption Act which specifies the grounds for parental unfitness and procedures governing the adoption of children;
>The Child Care Act which establishes the criteria and procedures governing the licensing and regulation of child welfare agencies, foster family homes, group homes, child care institutions, day care agencies, and individual day care providers;
>The Interstate Compact on Adoption Act which governs the provision of medical care to children adopted in one state and who subsequently move to another state.
>The Emancipation of Mature Minors Act which provide a means by which a mature minor who has demonstrated the ability and capacity to manage his own affairs and to live wholly or partially independent of his parents or guardian, may obtain the legal status of an emancipated person with power to enter into valid legal contracts.

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